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Training Needs Analysis

In an increasingly busy world where profit margins continue to tighten it is understandable that training and development very quickly falls by the wayside or becomes an urgent task to meet a sudden need.  By conducting a robust Training Needs Analysis (TNA) not only can you drive forward strategic learning and development you can actually save money.  Whether you are looking to grow, succession plan or seek IiP recognition/continued recognition a well-managed TNA project will always deliver sustained and tangible returns on investment.

The right skills and people are vital if your organisation wishes to be and remain competitive.  With the majority of businesses in the Channel Islands falling into the SME category the need to make sound investments in this area is vital and yet most organisations do not have an HR function.  Conducting a TNA requires time and input but by carefully selecting the consultant you use it need not be a painful or unaffordable exercise.

The lack of basic skills costs a typical business of 50 employees, £165,000 per year, so the question isnt should we, it's when can we?  Local expertise is readily available and in most cases buying local makes absolute sense as the regulatory (Health & Safety, statutory, etc.) requirements in Jersey and Guernsey vary from those in the UK.  When selecting a consultant it is advisable to consider one that has broad ranging business experience, combined with learning and development expertise, as well as knowledge of qualification structures.  Consultants who meet these criteria are able to add value as they will appreciate your unique position in the context of the wider market place. 

The key benefits of a TNA are that learning and development will be:
  • directly aligned to business objectives
  • targeted and prioritised to meet specific individual and technical needs
  • cost effective and value added
  • defensible against any allegations of favouritism
  • trackable and measureable.
Once a TNA framework is in place it will automatically align to the strategic planning process and flow from the annual planning and performance review cycles.  This in turn generates greater strategic awareness at all levels within an organisation, promoting individual responsibility and possible career pathways.  TNA is a sure fire method of maximising return on investment whilst creating sustainable competitive advantage.  For efficient and effective support in this area please email


CITD's tailored in-company programmes cover three areas:
Off the shelf - where any of our open courses can be delivered in-house at your organisation; Tailored - where any open courses are matched to your specific needs; Bespoke Solutions -we create an end to end solution driven by your business goals.

Please email us to discuss your needs further.      

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