Time Management

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Half day course
Grand Jersey
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Those who wish to gain more control of the way they use their time and as a result increase their overall effectiveness

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course delegates will:

  • Have reviewed how they use their time
  • Identified where time is not used effectively
  • Be able to prioritise their work
  • Have considered a range of tools and techniques to improve time management
  • Have developed an action plan to make the best use of their time

Course Content:

What is my job?

Identifying key areas of responsibility within delegates' jobs so that decisions can be made about what work should be done.

Where does the time go?

In order to manage time more effectively it is necessary to find out what is actually being done - methods of measuring time usage will be discussed in order to assist time planning in the future

Establishing priorities

How to decide on the priorities by being able to differentiate between urgent and important tasks

Improving Time Usage

Ways of handling some of the most common "time stealers" will be discussed ie handling paperwork and electronic information, desk management, interruptions etc Practical tips to eliminate time wasters and improve use of time

Planning for Results

Delegates will be introduced to some of the simple aids to planning and to developing a personal time management system

Summary and Action Planning

Delegates will commit themselves to a realistic plan of action to improve their time management