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Developing Your Professional Presence

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October 12, 2022 - 9:00 to 17:00
One Day
Grand Jersey
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Developing Your Professional Presence


Any employee who feels the need to develop their confidence in being able to make a positive and lasting impression during workplace interactions so that they are consistently perceived, by other, as credible and valued collaegues.


By the end of the day, delegates will:

"      Describe the traits of a credible, professional and valued colleague

"      Honestly self-assess current performance against the desired state

"      Recognise the benefits of becoming a balanced performer

"      Step towards presenting as confident and assertive in a number of workplace scenarios

"      Understand how to positively harness stress to drive performance

"      Create a personal development action plan.



The day is highly participative and practical with group discussion and activities. Emphasis is on interaction between delegates and the course director.


 Understanding professionalism in context

·          Defining professionalism and its associated traits

·          Understanding push and pull behaviours

·         Problem analysis

 Business v personal alignment

·          SWOT and PESTLE analysis

·         Personal and strategic alignment

·         Goal setting  short, medium and long term

Developing productive habits

·          Verbal communication, personal image and body language

·          Maintaining communication channels

·          Active listening and effective questioning  

Engaging the logical brain

·         Situational analysis

·          Effectively presenting views, ideas and facts

·         Risk mitigation in action


Identifying Areas for personal Improvement

·         Stress as a motivator

·          Action planning


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