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Coaching and Mentoring for High Performance

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Coaching & Mentoring for High Performance


This highly interactive and enjoyable course will introduce managers to coaching and mentoring. Attendees will learn what the best sports coaches and business mentors have known for years –


Ø  How to use coaching to achieve high performance in both teams and individuals.


Ø  How mentoring can be used to stretch talented employees to perform even better


This workshop gives participants the opportunity to explore through a variety of individual and group activities the following areas:


  • How high performance can be achieved through coaching
  • The techniques and skills used by great coaches
  • The techniques and skills used by successful mentors
  • How to ensure that experience is passed and kept within your organization
  • How to coach and mentor with integrity and ease



These components are fundamental to improved performance in work place coaching & mentoring.


The participants will get exposure to the essential competencies of :


  • Building rapport skills
  • Asking great questions
  • Improving individual and team performance
  • Motivating and inspiring high performance from teams
  • Successfully knowledge and experience exchange
  • Developing talent in the workplace



The main objectives of this workshop are to enable and ensure key team members:


Ø  Understand how high performance coaching and mentoring can be successfully used in the workplace.

Ø  Understand what coaching and mentoring is and how it fits in with the role of a manager.

Ø  Understand and know how to use key coaching and mentoring models and tools.

Ø  Get an insight into key skills: raising awareness, listening, asking questions and building rapport

Ø  Are able to identify opportunities to use high performance coaching and mentoring in the workplace

Ø  Are better able to motivate themselves and others to achieve far more than before

Ø  Feel confident to begin using coaching and mentoring in the workplace


The workshop approach allows participants to understand how high performance can be built in teams and individuals through coaching and mentoring.


They will understand and feel confident using their knowledge in their workplace as a coach, coach manager, or mentor. 


They will feel able to apply the techniques to a variety of different coaching and mentoring situations which they will experience during their working lives.


Participants will enjoy the style of training through exercises, group activities, experiential presentations, and role play and will receive positive feedback from their analysis and conclusions.


They will also be able to apply all the key learning elements directly in the work place.


Coaching & Mentoring are the ultimate win-win-win business tools. The coached, or mentored employee gets a helping hand to fast-track for his or her career, the coach or mentor gets the satisfaction of helping others develop whilst building a successful team and benefits from the reflection the process requires, and the organization gets improved performance and employee retention.


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