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Accuracy Programme - Enhance Your Ability to Get It Right First Time



Quality matters more than ever yet we find ourselves making silly mistakes due to the ever increasing need to work within tight timeframes.  Getting it right first time will enhance your reputation, save time and improve your professional competence.  Enhance your skills to position yourself for success.


Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who needs to position themselves to be better able to consistently produce high quality work.  Also for anyone who is interested in learning skills and techniques that are proven to optimise personal performance.


What is the aim of the workshop?

Overall, the aim is to introduce you to powerful techniques that build confidence and improve work quality.


What does the workshop cover?

The workshop style will be informal and participative.  You will be introduced to a series of structured thinking tools, as well as tried and tested techniques with plenty of time to apply what you have learnt as you develop your skills.  There will be several opportunities for you to evidence your enhanced skills during the workshop.


The workshop covers a range of topics including:


  • Job analysis and risk assessment
  • Developing effective thinking patterns
  • Knowledge, skills and behaviours that support quality
  • Preparing to be future focused
  • Thinking tools and exercises  right approach for the right task
  • Proof reading as opposed to reading
  • Brain training that supports quality inputs and outputs
  • Learning from others in order to avoid obvious mistakes
  • Watch out for blind spots and use techniques to reduce them
  • Identifying useful digit by digit patterns and sequences
  • Breaking down the marks on the page
  • Designing your personalised tool kit


As a result of this learning, you will feel more confident in your own ability to consistently produce quality work and have tangible evidence of having done so.  The personalised tool kit you take away will enable you to successfully apply your new learning within your own workplace setting.


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