Train the Trainer

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Two Days
Grand Hotel Park Suites
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This two day programme aims to introduce participants to the fundamental principles of Training. It applies equally well to both technical and soft skills training.


Day 1.


Session 1 : Introduction, Signpost, Running Action Sheets.


Session 2 : Learning.

How do people learn? Why do people Learn? What are the main barriers to learning? Learning styles. Includes group discussion and questionnaire.


Session 3 : Designing Training Programmes. The Training Design Model.

A structured approach for planning a training session includes : Initial Thinking ; Filtering ; Sequencing and Scheduling ; Support Materials.


Session 4 : Delivery. Techniques for successful training delivery.

                        Voice ; Pace ; Handling the Group ; Questions.


Day 2.


Session 1 : Giving Feedback.

Four basic principles for giving trainees feedback.


Session 2 : Practical Preparation. Time to plan a short training session.


Session 3 : Practical. Each participant delivers a 15/20 minute training session.


Session 4: Feedback on practical session.


Session 5 : Evaluating training.

Three opportunities to assess the success of the training given.


Session 6 : Implementation Model. The transfer of learning back to the workplace.