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May 01, 2018 - 9:00 to 17:00
One Day
Grand Hotel Park Suites
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Facilitation Skills Workshop


Who is the workshop for?


The workshop is for anyone wishing to learn about facilitation, especially if you have had some experience of facilitating or training before.  You may be:

·         A trainer who is getting more involved in facilitating events

·         A team manager who is starting to facilitate staff sessions, as well as chairing meetings

·         A project manager who needs to facilitate ideas and decision making sessions with their project team

·         An HR professional who will be facilitating change/business improvement sessions for staff.       


What is the aim of the workshop?


The overall aim of the workshop is to develop your knowledge of what facilitation is, when to use it and some of the skills and techniques a facilitator can use.


Why Should I Attend?


Facilitation skills are invaluable in a working environment where the culture supports both continuous improvement and staff collaboration. It is a set of skills that can be used by managers in many different ways, whether facilitating internal staff sessions or external customer/stakeholder sessions.  It is also an ideal opportunity to develop senior staff by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to facilitate sessions. 


What does the workshop cover?


In our experience, sometimes people have thought they are facilitating when they are not.  One way to gain clarity is to compare facilitation to training and chairing.  This is particularly useful as managers and senior staff often take on all three roles, so they need to be clear on the differences and when to use each one.  Additionally, it is quite likely that within a meeting or learning session, the person running the event will adopt more than one of these styles.  Workshop topics include:


·         Definition of facilitation and how it compares/contrasts to training and chairing

·         The role of an effective facilitator – what they should/shouldn’t do – and the skills/attributes required

·         The stages of the facilitation process

·         Preparation and planning of a facilitated session

·         Consensus building within a facilitated session

·         A variety of facilitation techniques, e.g. ideas generation and prioritising in groups

·         How to deal with challenging groups and individuals.


Are there other CITD courses linked to this?


There are other courses that will provide you with complementary skills training, such as “Train the trainer”.  For those who have already attended a train the trainer course, you may find this a useful refresher of the skills and techniques applicable to both training and facilitating, as well as learning some new skills to enable you to facilitate sessions. Please refer to the CITD website for more information.

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