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Finance for Non Financial Managers

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June 14, 2019 - 9:00 to 17:00
One Day
Grand Hotel Park Suites
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This one-day course is designed for those who need to understand a set of accounts. This course would be useful for those working in the finance sector or running their own business or for non-financial managers


The course is not aimed at professionally qualified colleagues in the finance sector either as part of ongoing qualification study or as CPD it is aimed at managers and other professional colleagues seeking to improve their understanding and confidence when working with financial information

At the end of this course the delegates with be able to:


  • confidently discuss a set of accounts
  • understand the terminology involved
  • know the different elements making up a set of accounts
  • be able to participate in a management discussion based on a set of accounts
  • understand how to manage a budget and interpret budgetary information
  • understand and be able to analyse break even 


The course will provide an overview of the following:


  • Introduction to different types of accounts
  • Users of financial statements
  • Elements of a set of financial statements
  • The Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet – what are they, what’s the difference between the two and what information we can derive from them
  • Ratios - how to interpret financial information and spot trends over time
  • Rules and regulations – a basic overview of the principles used to prepare a set of accounts
  • Cash Flow – what it is, and it matters to every organisation, how to develop a cash flow forecast
    The Director’s Report - what it is and why it matters to readers of the final accounts
  • Budgets- common approaches to constructing a budget, how to analyse budgetary information, profiling expenditure, understanding and responding to variances
  • Break-even analysis - how to construct and analyse break-even and understand the relationship between fixed and variable costs and income


The course will be delivered in a professional informal and relaxed style, great emphasis will be placed on creating a safe learning environment, theoretical inputs will be based on the real world and linked to a series of practical activities where delegates can apply their learning immediately and be successful.

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