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Producing Professional Minutes Workshop

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June 12, 2019 - 9:00 to 12:30
Half Day
Grand Hotel Park Suites
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The course is useful for anyone who must take notes at meetings, whether these be formal minutes or a brief report.





By the end of the course delegates will:


ü      Understand the conventions governing formal meetings and minutes;


ü      Understand the formal language of meetings;


ü      Be capable of preparing an agenda using the appropriate conventions;


ü      Recognise the need for a solid relationship with the chairperson of formal meetings and understand the dynamics of meetings;


ü      Be capable of taking concise notes during meetings using a recognised system;


ü      Be capable of preparing either conventional minutes or notes of meetings, as appropriate to their work;


ü      Understand the need for ratification of minutes


ü      Use reported speech correctly;






ü      The different types of meeting and their concomitant recording styles.


ü      The role of the minute/note taker.


ü      The formalities and conventions of meetings.


ü      The importance of the agenda and agenda preparation.


ü      The conventions of minutes/notes of meetings.


ü      Taking notes at the meeting, breaking each item into sections, spotting irrelevancies.


ü      Using reported speech and plain English.


ü      Ensuring conciseness and consistency of notes.


ü      Practical minute taking exercises.







The course is extremely participative.  Delegates are expected to take part in a mock meeting and to produce actual notes.  Each topic is accompanied by a short, practical exercise.  A fully detailed booklet accompanies the course.  Humorous materials are used where appropriate in order to lift and enliven the subject.


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